Is it worth visiting Casa Batlló? Our opinion, prices and schedule

We share our opinion on whether paying that price is a good option.

You cross Passeig de Gracia a thousand times throughout your life, and those spectacular houses have always caught your attention. In fact, they constantly appear in the news and advertisements, somehow they never stop calling you. So one day you decide to visit them for real and learn more about Gaudí’s architecture. Why not?

Maybe you check it out beforehand, or maybe you simply head to the ticket office, and then you see it: accessing the house will cost you at least 43 Euros! «Are they crazy?» is the first thing you think… but an army of tourists queuing seems to answer your question with a clear «No», and it seems that the price is accepted.

To help you answer this question, we’ll tell you about the visit and the options you have.

  1. Prices and visiting hours of Casa Batlló
  2. What is the visit to Casa Batlló like?
    1. Ground floor
    2. Main floor
    3. First floor
    4. Attic
    5. Rooftop
    6. Basement
  3. Our opinion about the visit
  4. Insurance purchase
  5. Other activities recommended
Nuestra visita, resumida en 15 segundos

Prices and visiting hours of Casa Batlló

Let’s start with the painful part: what is the price to enter? We found three types of tickets:

  • Blue Ticket: general basic entry for 43 Euros. You will enjoy the typical visit and the Gaudí Cube, a visual experience at the end of the tour.
  • Silver Ticket: entry for 51 Euros. In addition to the above, it includes the Gaudí Dome, a tablet with augmented reality and some more rooms in their original state.
  • Gold Ticket: for 53 Euros, you get everything mentioned before, the Fast Pass, and another room.

Note: residents of Spain have a 2-for-1 offer on entry.

The house is open every day from 9 am to 8 pm, with the last entry at 7:15 pm. Visits are organized in entry groups, but it is a self-guided tour with an audio guide. Let me explain: they assign you a time slot, you queue at that time (and rate), and when the time comes, they open the doors, and you enter freely with your audio guide. They mark it on a board, it’s very intuitive.

In our case, we chose the Blue Ticket, so you understand how our tour went.

What is the visit to Casa Batlló like?

Unlike others, here you can access different levels: basement, ground floor, main floor, second floor, attic, and rooftop. In its favor, we must say that you have a good view of the entire building, even with the Blue Ticket. There are two privately used floors that we cannot enter with either the blue or gold ticket.

Ground floor

At first, you see very little, as the visit starts on the main floor. They will give you the audio guide (it’s included) that introduces you to the house. Of all the audio guide, this is the most important part to understand what we are seeing.

Main floor

Along with the attic and rooftop, my favorite. Here you will see the most stately floor, where the lives of the gentlemen in the 19th century were concentrated. It is true that elevators were starting to exist, but the trend was still for the wealthy to live on the main floor and not higher up. On the other hand, these same gentlemen were the ones who rented the upper floors to others… and from there, they had better control over their tenants.

Many things stand out on this floor, but the most impressive is the noble room that offers a view of Passeig de Gràcia. We need to take another trip back in time and think that at the beginning of the 20th century, dominating the view of Passeig de Gracia meant dominating the «Facebook» of the time, knowing who is with whom and thousands of gossip.

We can go to the back dining room, more private, but it offers unbeatable views of the backyard, which we can also visit. Unlike the main facade, this rear facade is not as spectacular, but it is still very beautiful. You can see the wrought iron and the well-known «trencadís» technique.

Finally, we will also discover the staircase, which is a true work of art. If we look at the wall, the ceramic tiles resemble dragon scales, symbolizing the house. And the higher you go, the bluer it gets.

First floor

The most unnecessary one. Basically, it’s a technical stop at a shop… but it’s not the only shop, as there is another one waiting for us on the ground floor at the end of the tour. If you have the Gold or Silver ticket, you can access some more rooms/experiences here.


We arrive here in two stages, as we will see a part, then go up to the roof, and then see the other part of the attic. I have to say that I love this attic. This is where you can see that Gaudí was a genius! When you see those organic shapes accompanied by indirect natural light through small openings, you fall in love with the works of this architect from Reus. And all this was created at the beginning of the 20th century!


It is beautiful, and from here you have an aerial view of Barcelona, with the entire skyline in the background… but it is not as spectacular as La Pedrera/Casa Milà. The most impressive part is the upper section of the facade with those colorful tiles. The chimneys also remind us of what a great architect Gaudí was.

We were surprised to find a bar upstairs. We didn’t want to ask the price of anything, but I don’t think it would be cheap to have anything packaged there. Personally, I think it would have been better not to have tables since the space is limited, and it’s not pleasant to sit with such a crowd.


And we come to the «new» part of the visit. After seeing the entire house, we go down to the basement. However, little remains of the original… instead, we have the Gaudí Cube. This experience, which lasts less than 3 minutes, consists of a room where everything is a screen, and hundreds of images and stimuli evoking Gaudí are reproduced.

It is a fun experience, to be honest. At least our children were happy because suddenly there are images everywhere you look. But it is very short, and everything is a bit random, without much storyline. It’s a good resource, but it seems to justify the price we paid initially.

After this, we go up to the ground floor, cross the souvenir shop, and finish the visit.

Our opinion about the visit

To the question «is it worth it?» our answer is «yes» as it is an impressive and unique house that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

But if the question is «is the price worth what I will see?» the answer is «no» Obviously, that price is paid because those who visit it are not city tourists but international ones with much higher purchasing power or who don’t use much criteria during their vacations.

You will have to personally evaluate if it’s worth it. If you’re short on time or not particularly passionate about architecture, consider other options. You have Casa Amatller next door for 17 Euros. It’s not as spectacular, and its modernism is more «conservative» (it’s not by Gaudí), but it is beautiful and less crowded. If you have plenty of petrodollars or love Gaudí’s modernist work, go ahead because you will enjoy it.


  • Unique house, a World Heritage Site
  • Work by Gaudí and a unique example of Catalan modernism
  • With the basic ticket, you can see almost the entire building, including the attic and rooftop.
  • Interesting audiovisual experience in the basement


  • Overpriced, ideal mostly for wealthy Arab sheiks
  • Too crowded: paradoxically, it’s full, even overcrowded. Although they establish time slots, people gather in the most spectacular areas, and it’s almost impossible to enjoy the experience as you should…
  • Due to the crowds, your photos will turn out average and full of unknown people.
  • To make matters worse, the rooftop bar makes you feel even more overwhelmed in an area that used to be an open space.
  • Two shops along the way… We can accept one, but two?

Insurance purchase

We recommend always traveling with a reliable travel insurance policy, and one of the best international travel insurance policies you can find is IATI. We always travel with them. If you purchase through this link, you can get a 5% discount.

If you want to learn more about the world of Gaudí and Barcelona, we recommend the following activities.

Gaudí Wonders Tour (89 Euros)
Free Gaudí and Modernist Barcelona tour
Barcelona tourist bus (33 Euros)
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